Adventures in Running: my first tri!

After having a couple of 5k under my belt I decided that I could tackle a triathlon. My friend decided to do it together and training together was the best part. We were in college at the time and had free swim passes to our local YMCA. We would meet up and go for swims before class. While we thought we were training hard at the time I think we spent more time talking in the sauna then actually training.

Our training kind of fell apart as summer got started and my friend was traveling. I had lost motivation. However, it was only a sprint triathlon and we both were able to complete it even with our limited training. My friend even took 3rd place in our age division. I came in right after her and I still to this day say that I could have possibly beat her if I hadn’t have gotten lost on the run portion of the race!

My advice for anyone wanting to do there first triathlon is that training isn’t everything and chances are that if you are in decent shape you’ll be able to finish even if your training falls apart.