Adventures in Costuming: The Madd Princess




Casper, WY is home to the Middle Platte Renaissance Faire. Last summer I decided I was going to undertake the task of making my own costume for the faire. I had participated in my High Schools Drama programs and figured it couldn’t be that hard. The only thing I had ever previously sewn was a pillowcase in an “adult living” class required by my school. Therefore, I figured a costume couldn’t be that much harder.

In some ways I was right, and in others I was completely wrong. The whole project took me a total of three days. Starting with a trip to Hobby Lobby in which the very helpful lady at the fabric counter helped me pick out the pattern and also all the materials I would need. While I don’t remember the exact cost, I do recall it being a very expensive trip. It was well over a hundred dollars for the materials. I did little else over the few days but work on my costume. In the end I decided it was well worth all the time and money.

After all the hard work I decided to enter the costume contest at the faire. The faire’s minstrel helped me come up with a name for my “Faire Character”. He dubbed me the Madd Princess with two D’s because I was doubly mad. Not with anger but without sanity. However, the real high light of the faire was their turkey legs!at-the-faire-2

Get the Pattern HERE!




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